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Craft Of Clown Weekend Immersion
29th-30th JUNE

A two day workshop exploring the expansive and expressive territory of clown and fool. Moving into landscapes of play and connection and through the rites of the ridiculous. Open to the curious, no prior experience of clown necessary. 


What Happens IN this workshop?

The workshop spans over two days and will take you through games and exercises which open the group into states of curiosity and play. We will engage in work which awakens the body and endeavour to transcend the chittter-chatter of the mind and drop into our deeper impulses and intuitive senses. 

We will experiment with our connection to self and other, practicing awareness and sensitivity. 

As we traverse further into the realms of the ridiculous our clown characteristics will emerge and we will cultivate these through voice, physicality and costume. 

There will be many opportunities to bear witness and be witnessed in our expression of clown, learning how to be present as both audience and performer within the workshop context of process over performance.
The finale of the workshop will be an honouring of what has taken place. This opens a portal to fool and ritual performance and will serve as a gift to take further with you on your journey of crafting. 
Amongst all of this there will be an openness to the expansive nature of play to take us in directions we could never have imagined. 

WHo is it for?

This workshop is open to people completely new to clown and also those who are already practicing. Clown has a wonderful way of making us all into eternal beginners. 
Your inner idiot is welcomed with a fanfare of celebration.
If you have a creative passion in your life, clown can act as a catalyst for expanding the possibilities of your craft. Creating new pathways for creativity to meander along. 

Whether in art or life clown and fool create ripples which bring new perspectives and ways of engaging with the world around us and within us.

"Be prepared to walk the weird and wonderful, the sensitive and silly, the deep and the ludicrous, and everything in-between like a... (you'll find out). Utterly satisfying workshop. I feel full of clown!" - Participant June 2023


 Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2024

(arrival 10:45)



~ £120 ~

CLOSES Monday 17th JUNE


~ £150~


Places are limited to 10 people.

So booking early is essential to guarantee you a place on the workshop. 

If you have any questions please email afa on 

To book please read and fill out the form through the link below:

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